Eyeliner is often considered essential in finishing eye makeup or accenting the bare eye. You would be surprised at how much of a difference adding a touch of black eyeliner on the lower rim of your eye can be.

There are numerous types of different liners – from gel to kohl to liquid to pencil. Textures also vary from brand to brand and certain types of liners have a specific texture.

Gel liners - Similar to both kohl and pencil liners, but slightly wetter and more movable (similar to fluidliners, which come in a pot-form).

Liquid liners - Liquid color that is applied using either a separate brush or with an included applicator. The standout differences between liquid and other forms of liners are that liquid liners can allow for stronger color, often have longer staying power, and more precision.

Basic Techniques

Top Lashline: Tilt your head up slightly, pull your skin taut, look down into a mirror and start from the inner corner working your way towards the outer corner. A pointy but soft brush like Smashbox's Long Handle Sable Eyeliner Brush #21 as shown below would work.

Bottom Lashline: People with small eyes should refrain from lining both top & bottom lashlines. by lining both top and bottom lashlines can actually make eyes appear even smaller. But for people that wishes to apply liner to the lower lash line, you simply pull the skin under your eye down a little, look up into a mirror and start from the outer corner lining inwards.

I recommend using an angled brush (MAC Small Angle Brush #263)

Or a Push brush (MAC Flat Definer #212)

Tightlining: This technique is mostly done on the top lashline and if correctly applied, there should not be any space between the liner and lashes. The way to achieveing the look would be to use a flat liner brush to push liner into the lashline from beneath the lashes. Afterwards, your lashes look thicker, which in turn makes your eyes look bigger!

How To Make Your Liner Lasts Longer

1. *Don't* rub your eyes when you have makeup on. (duh!)

2. Prep the skin with powder or e/s before and after you line your eyes.

3. Line top & bottom lashlines with a pencil first, followed by liner.

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