Makeup Review - Concealers

I was never big on concealers, never had the need to use one, until I started working early mornings and *bang*, dark undereye circles appeared faster than I could say "I need concealers!" .... snif snif

So off I went in search of a concealer that would cover up the dark patches, but also won't put a dent in my wallet. But in the meantime, I've been using the buildups from the rim of the foundation bottle, and I must admit it is doing a GREAT job!

I asked a few friends on their views/experiences with the following brands:

Becca Compact
This has 2 different versions of the same shade. The one on the left is of creamy texture, while the one on the right is waxier and heavier. You would use the version on the left to hide zits and imperfections, and use the version on the right to cover up undereye circles. It pays to be light handed as it does have the tendency to become cakey if too much is applied.

Christian Dior Hydrating Concealer
True to its name - it is very moisturizing, but because it is liquid, the coverage isn't as heavy as the cream concealer, and if you pile it on, it will get cakey. Colour selection is pretty diffcult due to the fact that most shades are pink toned.

MAC Select Cover Up
Another liquid concealer, except this one does the trick! The texture is very creamy and very blendable, with decent coverage. All that is required is a tiny bit, pat it under the eyes then blend. It's as easy as that!!

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