Correct Order to Put On Makeup

I have always wondered what the correct order to put makeup on is, does such a thing exists?

Different people have different ways of doing things, even though there are certain rules that you should stick to, but personally I think you should just do whatever works best for you.

Here is a summary of how I do my makeup everyday in 4 simple steps -

Step 1: Wash face --> Use toner --> Eye cream --> Lotion with sunscreen --> Lip balm

Step 2: Apply primer to face --> Pat concealer under eyes, around the nose and any areas that needs concealing --> Apply TM

Step 3: Fill in eyebrows --> Apply base to entire lids --> Apply a light shade of e/s to lids --> Line lids --> Apply a darker shade of e/s to crease & blend --> Curl lashes --> Apply mascara --> Curl lashes again once the mascara have fully dried --> Apply highlighter on browbones

Step 4: Make sure everything is well-blended before heading out the door!

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